Soldiers of Linz attack the town of Andernach


Once upon a time, in the Middle Age, men from Linz planned to conquer and capture the town Andernach. Early in the morning, as the Red Indians used to do, they began to climb up the fortification wall of Andernach. 
But at the same time the bakerīs apprentices were also working. They should deliver the rolls. But first they climbed up the inner side of the wall, with the intention to steal some honey from the beehives on the walltop. So they discovered the enemies.
Without any hesitation the bakerboys dropped down the beehives to the foes. Because the men from Linz would not be stinged they prefered to take flight. And they were never seen. Still nowadays the town of Andernach celebrates the Bakerboy`s festival to remember the rescue of the town.
Please, look at that dangerous animal, what repulsed the valiant men from Linz.