H I L F E ! ! !                                                              Mir fehlen die KG Heftchen der Jahre 1982 und 1983!                                          Kann mir jemand diese zur Verfügung stellen?

Prinz Nipf I. vum stolze Corps un rheinischem Jemöt

Since earth´s axis is tilted at 23,5 °, and since the man is a neat and tidy creature one has divided the year into four seasons. 

And so all around the world. 

At the North Cape or in Ushuaia in the South also the same. 

Everywhere? One reconed without the Rhineland.

 There is anything additional: A 5th season.

But also carnival is celebrated in France, Brasil and Italy and other places.It starts on 11th 11th and exactly at 11:11 am, a foolish number.

And it ends, what do You expect ? At Shrove Tuesday 24:00? No wide apart. 

The Rhenanian has to have his fish at Ash Wednesday, and he has to visit the Hotelier´s Ball. 

Because gastronomers wish also to celebrate the carnival. We´ll give you more information about the fifth season now.

1965 Husarencorps Grün-Weiss

1929 Linzer Möhnen

1968 Funkencorps Blau-Wiess

Chronik der Großen Linzer Karnevalsgesellschaft

1971 Elferrat
1934 Stadtsoldatencorps Rut-Wieß 1986 Scooter Team Linz e.V.
1939 Schwere Artillerie 1989 Linzer Hunnen
1955 Rote Husaren 1988 Das bunte Corps